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XT2, XT2+




DVS guaranties on field deliveries and setup / configuration, with a 24h/7d hotline technical support service.

EVS XT 3, XT2+ and XT2 technologies are for many years the fastest slow-motion replay & editing servers.

DVS has a unique know how in performing broadband network of Digital Slow Motion servers in broadcast configuration with EVS servers.




Every EVS servers from DVS hired with full options and functionalities, including Hypermotion direct interface,
Delivered with 1 or 2 remote controllers, if so.
Servers are still available on demand with the latest existing Multicam software version.

Main configurations available :


Main facilities available

EVS IP-Director : integrated suite of video production management applications giving you total control of productions via EVS servers
EVS EPSIO : offers a range of live auto-generated overlay graphics integrated in the server remote; ideal for showing off-side line refereeing.
EVS X-Hub[2] : Allows multiple XT[2] production and playout servers to be interconnected through a central hub.
EVS X-Store and X-Files : Archives on removable media, re-store & pre-load.
EVS Ccast : allows enduser to choose replay functionality on their smartphones and tablets while watching a TV live transmission.